First things First!

Always start with a good warm up.

As with every workout you will find on you can easily tailor this warm-up to your skill level or ability level by starting with fewer reps of each movement and then doing more reps over time. But if you’re in good shape just start with the higher number of reps indicated. Also, only move your limbs and joints within the range that is comfortable. As you continue to train along with me your range will improve and your stamina and strength with begin to increase.

Seriously progress is cumulative each day builds on the day before! So lets warm-up!!

My usual is a brisk 440-meter walk or run depending on how you feel. Next, a few minutes of joint rotations starting at the extremities and working to the core.

Neck rotations x 5-10

Wrist rotations x 10-15

Elbow rotations x 10-15

Arm circles for the  shoulders, start with small circles and increase the size over 10-15 rotations. Then do the same thing in reverse.

Now Ankle circles in both directions 5-10 times

Knee rotations again 10-15 both directions.

Now because the knees are so prone to damage and take so much abuse lets do slow partial squats for 10-20 reps.

Finally the hips and waist area:

Helicopters x 10-15

Standing arches and forward bends x 10-20

Beach Ball Rotations x 10-20

Horse Stance (mabu) Squats x 10-20

BOOM, we’re done!
Currently am putting together both follow along and single exercise videos to guide you.

May the Lord bless you and your household.