Kung Fu Strength to Spare!

One facet of Kung Fu training that seems to be omitted from most (no not all) training regimens is systematic strength training. You know, progressive push-up, pull-up, squat training.

While I LOVE doing forms training, both empty hand and weapons the strength development aspect just isn’t there. Stamina, Flexibility, Yes. Strength, No…

I do see a lot of schools that throw in push-ups and sit-ups and even body-weight squats as part of the warm-up, but the number of reps and sets is always the same…. So there is no reason for your body to adapt and grow in strength after the third of fourth week of training.

So today I am going to introduce you to a GREAT strength and stamina routine that you can easily adapt to your level and goals. The foundation is only three exercises that you do 2 or 3-times a week.

Here we go: Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Deep MaoBu Squats! These three movements hit your entire upper and lower body in one workout and BUILD AMAZING STRENGTH!

So. just start doing them and all will be well.

No, stop right there. What I said at the beginning of this blog post was the need for PROGRESSIVE training. So what does that mean? Progressive training means that you have a starting point and a goal.. Kinda like your Kung Fu training, you started without a clue and your goal was to be THE SUPER SUPREME GRANDMASTER, or some-such-thing.

Here is the progression you are going to use and believe me you will love the results, more muscle, more strength, more confidence! And as a bonus all of those benefits will roll over into your Kung Fu training and you will see faster movements, stronger blocks, punches, and kicks. And you stances will ROCK!

Ok, lets get the outline.

You are going to be working towards 10-sets of 6-reps for each of the three exercises. But that is your goal not your starting point.

You’re going to start by doing 5-sets of 2-reps of each. For some you that is easy others not so. But that ‘s the starting point.

Day 1: 5×2 Pull ups

5×2 Push ups

5×2 MaoBu Squats (two per leg)

Now if you successfully complete those sets you will add another set on your next workout day.

So you will be doing Day 2: 6×2 Pull ups

6×2 Push ups

6×2 MaoBu (cat stance) Squats

If you complete all of those sets you will do 7-sets of 2-reps next workout. And so on until you can do 10-sets of 2-reps of all three exercises.


That is the basic progression. You are constantly challenged at every workout to do more, even 1-more rep.

When you can do 10-sets of 2-reps of each of the exercises it’s time to start over again. This time however you will start with 5-sets of 3-reps and work back up the ladder until you reach 10-sets of 3-reps.

Every time you reach the 10-set goal go back down to 5-sets and start at the next higher rep.

For Petes’ sake John when does this end??

Glad you asked. I recommend 10×6 as a good cutoff for strength increases. That said if this program resonates with you and you like the challenge just keep going. Find your own stopping point.

When you do find that ‘wall’ where you just can’t break through try this. It’s the next level of progression for those who hit the 10×6 point and want to keep building strength.

When you hit 10×6 of each of the three exercises start over again at 5×2 but this time add some type of weight for resistance. Hold a brick, gallon of water, iron plate, something that you can control and add to as you progress again. Other options are buying weight vest, weight belt, ankle weights, maybe resistance bands.

Use your imagination, stay the course and you will develop  PHENOMENAL RETURNS and have Kung Fu Strength to Spare!!


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May the Lord bless you and your house hold.