Want Stamina and Flexability? Try This!

So awhile back age reared it’s ugly head and I started experiencing near debilitating hip pain. After months of trying to stretch through I finally caved in a spoke to my family physician, a former student. Well after Xrays and Scans I was instructed to “STOP RUNNING” !

The point behind the story is we live in a fallen world and have to learn to adapt! So I reevaluated my leg stamina and endurance training and have pulled this old favorite out of mothballs: Squat & Kicks.

 I had nearly forgotten what a workout S&Ks were but let me tell you these babies BURN YOU DOWN all while building you up. You get the benefit of full range of motion leg work along with seriously stamina work.

 Before you start this ‘barn burner’ make sure to do a thorough warm up and stretch.

You can set your timer and do rounds or do S&Ks between other exercises, or my favorite Tyson Squat Style.

Tyson Squat Style S&Ks: Take a deck of cards and place each card about 2-feet apart in a straight line. No at the first card squat down pick up the card and rise up to do the rising front kick. Step up to the next card and squat down placing the first card on top of it. Rise up and do a rising front kick. Squat down and pick up one card, stand up to rising front kick, squat down and pick up the second card and stand up to do a rising front kick.

Now step to the third card and repeat. Squat down place a card, stand up front kick, squat down place a card, stand up front kick. Squat down place the third card stand up and front kick. Now repeat picking one card at a time.

Continue the “one squat & kick – one card” pattern for as many cards as you can. Then once you stop spasming on the ground, log the number of cards you COMPLETE. Next workout do at least the same number of cards but do all you can to make more. That’s Tyson Squats. When combined with S&Ks.

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May the Lord bless you and your house hold.