Want Stamina and Flexability? Try This!

So awhile back age reared it’s ugly head and I started experiencing near debilitating hip pain. After months of trying to stretch through I finally caved in a spoke to my family physician, a former student. Well after Xrays and Scans I was instructed to “STOP RUNNING” ! The point behind the story is we …

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Kung Fu Strength to Spare!

One facet of Kung Fu training that seems to be omitted from most (no not all) training regimens is systematic strength training. You know, progressive push-up, pull-up, squat training. While I LOVE doing forms training, both empty hand and weapons the strength development aspect just isn’t there. Stamina, Flexibility, Yes. Strength, No… I do see …

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Daily Kung Fu Warm-up

I just finished recording this basic Daily Kung Fu Warm-up that you can do every day. The idea behind doing a warm-up is so simple that most people seem to miss it.

A warm-up is supposed to take your body from a resting activity state and prepare it for strenuous activity. You systematically engage all of the joints and muscles essentially waking them and say “hey, you’d better get ready”.

Start off with a brisk walk, jog, some jumping jacks or maybe knee lifts to start and then move into this follow along warm-up.
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Saturday MABO Workout!

Saturday’s are the perfect day for a MABO (Martial Arts Burn Out) workout. MABOs use the Tabata Protocol Tabata Protocol: Work for 20-seconds at 90%+ of your maximum speed. Then totaly stop for 10-second, repeat for 8-rounds which adds up to a total of 4-minutes. Yes just 4-minutes. You will be doing two Tabata’s with …

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What’s up with Kung Fu?

Kung Fu not only teaches you how to defend yourself, it is also a life-long fitness method and ultimately it is an exchange of cultures. Throughout the world there are many different names that is called by whether Gong Fu, Kung Fu, WuShu, Kuo Shu all of which are used to refer to the Chinese …

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May 2014 Workout

Here is a great workout for the month of May! It consists of five exercises that you will do in a row with a 30-second rest between each and a 1-minute rest between cycles. Total number of cycles: 4 Alternating Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings x 7-reps Chins/Pull–ups x 7–reps Kettlebell/Dumbbell Clean & Press x 7-reps Dips x …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 8

What about Chi & Ki (the force)? Chi (or ki) is the most esoteric areas of the Asian martial arts. For decades the Chinese have been spending mega bucks on “chi research” using everything from E.K.G.’s to M.R.I.’s. They have been using the extremes like severing the spinal columns of piglets, (1) and then using …

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