Kung Fu Strength to Spare!

One facet of Kung Fu training that seems to be omitted from most (no not all) training regimens is systematic strength training. You know, progressive push-up, pull-up, squat training. While I LOVE doing forms training, both empty hand and weapons the strength development aspect just isn’t there. Stamina, Flexibility, Yes. Strength, No… I do see …

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Daily Kung Fu Warm-up

I just finished recording this basic Daily Kung Fu Warm-up that you can do every day. The idea behind doing a warm-up is so simple that most people seem to miss it.

A warm-up is supposed to take your body from a resting activity state and prepare it for strenuous activity. You systematically engage all of the joints and muscles essentially waking them and say “hey, you’d better get ready”.

Start off with a brisk walk, jog, some jumping jacks or maybe knee lifts to start and then move into this follow along warm-up.
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What’s up with Kung Fu?

Kung Fu not only teaches you how to defend yourself, it is also a life-long fitness method and ultimately it is an exchange of cultures. Throughout the world there are many different names that is called by whether Gong Fu, Kung Fu, WuShu, Kuo Shu all of which are used to refer to the Chinese …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 8

What about Chi & Ki (the force)? Chi (or ki) is the most esoteric areas of the Asian martial arts. For decades the Chinese have been spending mega bucks on “chi research” using everything from E.K.G.’s to M.R.I.’s. They have been using the extremes like severing the spinal columns of piglets, (1) and then using …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt7

But Didn’t Buddha, Confucius and Jesus teach the same things? Haven’t we all heard this before? It is an amazing fact that people who don’t know, pretend to be wise by saying things like “aren’t they the same!” “There’s really no difference is there?” or “Jesus’ teachings weren’t revolutionary Confucius and Buddha said the same …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 6

What about bowing at my instructors alter? Or the Pictures at the front of our school? This issue has brought up the ire of more than one instructor. In an effort to create a traditional environment many schools have set up their own little alters. When students come in to begin class they are asked …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 5

  Aren’t Christians supposed to be pacifists? There are many misconceptions of Christians that abound in our day. • They are cowards (1) and wimps. • They are hypocrites. (2) • They are detached from the real world. (3) • They are militaristic right wing loonies. (4) • They are pacifistic pushovers. (5) I won’t …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 4

 Surely you won’t teach it? Over the years this has been THE one must discussed areas of my walk with Christ. How can I be a follower of Christ Jesus and teach people the martial arts? My response: “With great joy” One of the major themes of the teaching of our Lord was how we …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt 3

Aren’t learning how to kill? The martial arts whether Chinese, Okinawan, Japanese or any other, are the practice of combat. Martial = “military” or “warring“. “Basics” The usual reason people have for studying kung fu, karate and the like is to learn to defend themselves.  When you start any martial arts you have to start …

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Christianity and the Martial Arts, pt2

Aren’t the martial arts an Eastern religion? Is the practice of Karate, Kung Fu, judo or the like a religion? This is a question that causes a lot of distress. For parents and children wanting to study the Martial Arts. And for those who are already studying the martial arts. As we look at the …

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